Are Armadillos Poisonous and Are Armadillo Bites Painful?

To a bug or snail, armadillo bites are painful and deadly most of the time.

Are Armadillos Poisonous

However, to anything bigger like humans, armadillo bites aren’t really painful, unless you’re a wuss.

Armadillos aren’t poisonous either, so there’s no need for a trip to the hospital.

An armadillo’s teeth are located at the back of its mouth, so biting is not part of its self-defense strategy.

Good thing too, since it’s one of the few animals besides humans that can contract leprosy.

Armadillos are particularly susceptible to the disease due to their unusually low body temperature, which leprosy bacterium thrive in.

Armadillos are solitary animals that do not share their burrows with other adults.

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3 thoughts on “Are Armadillos Poisonous and Are Armadillo Bites Painful?”

  1. Haahahah Armadillos are not harmless!!!!(While alot are!) Anyways, They can do alot to you!!! Today I was walking and it was dark, So me being me thought it was a kitty cat!! Lolxzz But I went up to pet it and it turned around and charged at me!!!!! I was running for about 3 minutes!!!!!! And i got bit and I feel down then it bit me some more then ran away!!!!!! I love animals so I’m not going to call pest control or anything but all I want to know is why did the Armadillo charge after me??

  2. my yard has hundreds of holes from a critter at night that kept eluding me never saw him…but last night after late class i heard some thing in my garden I thought they were snakes digging the holes to eat my organic worms and compost rich soil…so I got a flash light and to my surprise its a 5 foot across 5 foot long armadillo looked like something out of the juassic era oh my freekin word at first glance I thought it was a huge soft shell turtle from the lake.. I have alot of crittters here coyotes possum raccoon s alligators peacocks black bears ect… as I got closer to this gigantic armadillo it freeekin charged me hit my shin at about 20 miles an hour at first I thought they have poor eyesite so he didnt mean it …wrong as I turned my back an walked away he hit me dead on even hardereven harder see alot of armadillos in my days here in florida and like turtles and coyotes they carry leprosey but this has to b a first he hit me dead on 2 times this normal or do the big armadillos attack ?

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