What Was The First Zoo In The World?

what was the first zoo in the world

The famous French poet Charles Baudelaire took great delight in shocking both his friends and strangers. One of his favorite pranks was to walk a lobster through the streets of Paris on a leash. A few years earlier, the famous Countess of Eglintoune tried to shock her friends in another way. She would invite them … Read more

When Was The Fork Invented?

when was the fork invented

Queen Elizabeth I got in a lot of trouble when she first ate with a fork. The leaders of the Church of England said that she had insulted God when she didn’t use her fingers to eat meat. Of course, all of this happened back in the 1600’s, right after the fork was invented. Before … Read more

Why Did Ludwig Van Beethoven Have Cold Water Poured Over His Head?

why did ludwig van beethoven have cold water poured over his head

Ludwig Van Beethoven, one of the greatest composers of all time, believed that having cold water poured over his head helped him to dream up beautiful music. Many people called “creative geniuses” have had strange ideas of what helps them create. The famous writer Charles Dickens said his bed always had to face the North … Read more

Why Did Abraham Lincoln Hate His Nickname?

why did abraham lincoln hate his nickname

What this great American president hated was his nickname, Abe. He even disliked the nickname “Honest Abe.” Lincoln was honest, but he wasn’t above trickery. While serving as a state lawmaker, he had a very cunning trick. If he didn’t think his side was going to win a vote and knew that if he wasn’t … Read more

Why Did Chief Crazy Horse Wear a Stone Behind His Ear?

why did chief crazy horse wear a stone behind his ear

Because as a young man he had a dream in which he saw himself astride a horse and in battle unharmed by bullets and arrows. Behind his ear was a smooth stone, and in his long unbraided hair was the feather of a red hawk. Crazy Horse became convinced that so long as he was … Read more

What Is the Mystery of Crazy Horse’s Grave?

what is the mystery of crazy horses grave

When this great Sioux warrior died, he was secretly buried, and only his parents knew the location of his grave. They kept the secret, and it died with them. Chief Crazy Horse was the greatest of the Oglala Sioux and after he and Sitting Bull defeated General Custer, the U. S. Army decided that Crazy … Read more

Which Baseball Pitcher Was Called Chief Bender?

which baseball pitcher was called chief bender scaled

Because the great pitcher Charles Albert Bender, better known as “Chief Bender,” was a Chippewa Indian, and the fans thought that making the “war whoops” would upset him and make him lose his pitching control. It didn’t. Bender would just call these fans “foreigners” and keep right on pitching his magical brand of baseball. Bender … Read more