Does Everyone Have a Birthmark Somewhere?

When you were born, sometimes a mole, or nevus, appeared on your skin. This is called a “birthmark” because it was present at birth. Moles are soft, dark, raised spots that can appear on almost every part of the body. They can differ from each other in what they are made of.

Some moles consist of tissues from blood vessels; others are solid knots of skin tissue. Moles can sometimes be hairy and sometimes not. Almost every human being has at least one mole, and the average number is fourteen!

Medical science does not know what causes these moles, or birthmarks, or how to prevent their appearance. But we do know that they are definitely NOT caused by some frightening experience the mother had before the birth of her child, as some superstitious people believe.

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12 thoughts on “Does Everyone Have a Birthmark Somewhere?”

  1. My birthmark is very small but dark in color. Located onmy middle finger,left hand. Strangely enough shaped exactly like the state of Texas(which is where I was born lol). My wife doesnt have any noticeable skin darkening to indicate a birthmark. We are in an argumant t find if everyone really has a birthmark or if it is just a number of people.

  2. i thought everyone has a birthmark untill i found out my friend acctually does not have a birthmark!
    i was like i swear evryone has a birthmark lol

  3. That is SO stinking funny because i was looking online for the SAME exact reason. Only my birthmark is shaped like Puerto Rico and my wife doesn’t have one.

  4. This is so weird- i dont have a birthmark that people would call one, the only thing i’ve had my whole life is a very visable vein on my nose- does that count???

  5. i dont have no birth mark im quite sure… ( i know someone who has moles on his bask that form a star) *shudder*

  6. I have a south america map birth mark in my stomach.amazing i know if you can predict it or intrested wil email you a pic.

  7. i have a birthmark. it looks like some sort of country/ state. i dont know what country/ it looks like tho

  8. I don’t have a birth mark and neither does one of my brothers and sister, my brother used to have one on his foot as a child but it faded away as he became to grow older.

  9. Maggy u must be from some royal family from south America ;)
    Me too have same birthmark of south america on my stomach :)

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