How Far can Kangaroos Hop and How Long do they Live for?

Kangaroos can hop up to 33 feet per jump, with a maximum speed of about 44 mph for short bursts.

kangaroos hopping

This method of travel is fast and efficient and has evolved because of the need to travel long distances in search of food and water, rather than the need to escape predators that didn’t exist.

Dirk Hartog the explorer complained in 1688, “This land is cursed. The animals hop, not run, birds run, not fly, and the swans are black, not white.”

The continent of Australia sure has unique fauna and flora.

Including species imported by European settlers, about 70 percent of its birds, 88 percent of its reptiles, and 94 percent of its frogs can be found only in Australia.

The average life span of a kangaroo is about 4–6 years.