How Long Was the Royal Road to the Sun That The Incas Built?

The Incas lived in the Andes Mountains of South America, and their civilization was at its peak in the 1400s.

Their civilization was destroyed by the Spanish conquistadores who followed Christopher Columbus. These amazing people built 10,000 miles of roads throughout the mountains from what is now Argentina to Colombia.

These roads were all exactly twenty-four-feet wide and were made to be used in any weather, hot sun, rain, snow, or deep freeze. The Inca masterpiece in the way of highways was the Royal Road to the Sun, one single stretch of road that ran for 3,250 miles.

how long was the royal road to the sun that the incas built

Until recent years, it was the longest road in history. The Incas made all this and still did not have a wheel to roll a cart upon.

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