What Country Has the Most Telephones?

Of the almost 400 million telephones on earth today, the United States, with almost 40 percent of them, is the country with the most phones.

There are now about 155 million phones in this country, or two out of every five phones in the world. Each year, more than 200 billion telephone calls are made in America, or about 1,300 for each phone!

But the United States is not the nation with the most phones in proportion to its population. There are about 700 phones in this country for every 1,000 persons. But we are topped by the tiny nation of Monaco in Europe, which has 825 phones for every 1,000 persons!

At the other end of the scale, the small country of Bhutan, in the Himalaya Mountains in Asia, has just one phone for every 2,000 persons!

In 1900, 25 years after the telephone was invented, there were still less than two million telephones in the entire world!

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