What is the Best Way to Pack a Suitcase and Make the Most Out of the Luggage Space?

We’ve all taken things we never wear or use on holiday. This can be avoided with a little more foresight.

Lay your gear out on the floor before putting a single item in your case and write a list of what you’ll need.

Check what’s available at the accommodation to save taking big items like towels or hairdryers unless necessary, and don’t forget to consult the weather forecast for a general heads-up of what to expect. There’s some debate as to which method is the best when it comes to packing, but rolling clothes arguably wins in terms of quantity.

Fold your garments in half then roll from the bottom up as tightly as possible to limit creases; this works for everything from T-shirts to trousers and even underwear. You might want to invest in plastic vacuum bags to help condense bulkier clothes like ski jackets by sucking the air out.

Put heavier items like shoes in the bottom, near the wheels for better stability. Don’t waste the valuable space inside shoes; it’s perfect for socks or delicate items like watches and perfume bottles.

Next, build up your rolled clothes, placing anything fragile you can’t take as hand luggage in the center so it has some cushioning. Lay any smart clothes that you don’t want to roll on the very top and fill any gaps with small items like socks.

Leave yourself enough time to prepare. Don’t just throw everything in, justify each item by writing a checklist tailored to the trip.

Wearing your bulkiest clothes and footwear on the plane can save a lot of case space too.