What stereotypes do some Hispanic Americans have about Anglos?

Anglo prejudice against Hispanic Americans is matched only by Hispanic American prejudice against Anglos.

Many Latinos think of Anglos as cold, materialistic, and money-grubbing.

By contrast, Latinos see themselves as warm, family-oriented, community-minded people. One Colombian said of Anglos: “They don’t care for their fellow man, be it their father, son, or neighbor. They only care for el numero uno.”

Latinos see themselves as humanists who appreciate world culture, but Anglos are said to appreciate nothing but Anglo-Saxon culture.

The mutual stereotyping takes place internationally as well as domestically. Historically, U.S. leaders have seen Latin American nations as corrupt, violent, childlike places that need to be corrected by the strong hand of U.S. intervention.

Latin Americans have felt anger at North American paternalism, acting like a father with his children, and exploitation and the North American hunger to send in the marines.

Even some conservative Latin Americans have taken satisfaction in seeing communist Fidel Castro defy the United States for so long.