What were some examples of Black Colleges Founded During Reconstruction?

Black Colleges Founded During Reconstruction:

Knoxville College, Tennessee (1863)

Emerson College, Alabama (1867)

what were some examples of black colleges founded during reconstruction

Howard University, Washington, D.C. (1867)

Howard University Medical School (1868)

Howard University Law School (1871)

Morehouse College, Georgia (1867)

Morgan State College, Baltimore, Maryland (1867)

Johnson C. Smith College, North Carolina (1867)

Talladega College, Alabama (1867)

Hampton University, Virginia (1868)

Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana (1869)

Tougaloo College, Mississippi (1869)

LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis, Tennessee (1870)

In 1870, Richard Greener became the first black to graduate from Harvard University; he later became dean of Howard Law School In 1879.

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