What’s At The Top Of The Highest Mountain In Japan?

In Japanese, Fujiyama means “never-dying mountain.” Mount Fuji is the Highest Mountain In Japan.

The peak of Mount Fuji, about 50 miles from Tokyo, is also sometimes known as the “most beautiful mountain on earth”. This volcanic peak rises 12,390 feet in the shape of a nearly perfect cone.

It towers over a fertile plain, and there are no other mountains nearby to spoil the view of its majestic beauty. Some of the slopes of Fujiyama reach all the way to the sea, and the upper part of the mountain is snow-capped for much of the year.

At the summit of Fujiyama or Mount Fuji is a crater some 2,000 feet across. There have been 18 eruptions of the volcano since recorded history began. The last one was in 1707.

Buddhists believe that climbing Fujiyama earns God’s favor, especially during the 33rd and 88th ascents! A temple now stands near the summit of the mountain. Each year, more than 200,000 people climb this beautiful peak.