Where does the word “bugle” come from and What does it mean?

In Roman days the forerunner of the musical instrument known as the “bugle” was originally made from a horn. It was not, however, made from any homed creature, but from one particular kind.

That was a bullock, a young bull. The Latin name for such an animal was buculus.

The name later became bugle in French and English, and was long retained as the term for a bullock. In all that period the musical instrument made from its horn was properly called a bugle-horn.

where does the word bugle come from and what does it mean

The name was often shortened to bugle, and when that term for a bullock fell into disuse, the musical instrument took full possession of the name.

It has been many centuries, however, since the instrument was actually made from the horn of a bullock. Even in Roman times metal was often used for the purpose.

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