Where Is the Northernmost Point of the 50 United States and How Far Is Point Barrow From the North Pole?

The northernmost point of the 50 United States is Point Barrow, Alaska, which lies at 71°23′ north latitude, and 156°29′ west longitude.

90° north latitude is at the North Pole.

The distance from Point Barrow to the North Pole is 1,122 nautical miles, and it marks the limit between the Chukchi Sea on its western side and the Beaufort Sea on the eastern side of the Arctic.

where is the northernmost point of the 50 united states and how far is point barrow from the north pole

Point Barrow was occupied by the ancestors of the Inupiat almost 1,000 years prior to the arrival of the first Europeans, and is an important archaeological site with artifacts associated with the Thule culture.

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