Why did the Algonquian settle near water and the ocean and How did they catch fish?

The Algonquian sought out spots near the water so that they would always be near fish or other water creatures to eat.

Tribes on lakes and rivers invented all types of hooks, spears, and nets to catch fish. Those living on the Atlantic shore also gathered oysters, clams, and shellfish. The Wampanoag of present-day Massachusetts, for instance, often enjoyed dinners of fresh lobster.

Farther north, Micmac hunters, armed with clubs, stalked seals as they searched the coast for whales that had washed ashore. When a whale was found, an entire village might come together to share a meal of whale meat on the beach.

Waterways also served as Algonquian’s highways. In watertight canoes, they took fishing expeditions, made trips to visit friends and relatives, and traded with people in other villages.