Why Do We have Birthstones?

Many early people believed that certain gems had strange and mysterious powers, that gems could bring good luck to a person and influence his personality.

Fortune-tellers in the Middle Ages, eager to strengthen their influence over superstitious people, chose a gemstone for each month of the year and told people that if they wore the stone that symbolized the month of their birth, no harm would come to them and they would be strengthened by the trait associated with each stone.

Even though most people today do not believe that their birthstones will affect their lives, they still choose to have their birthstones set into jewelry.

The stones and traits for the twelve months are:

January Garnet – Firm and Steadfast

February Amethyst – Sincere

March Aquamarine – Courageous

April Diamond – Innocent

May Emerald Loving and – Successful

June Pearl or Alexandrite – Healthy

July Ruby – Contented

August Periot or Sardonyx – Happily Married

September Sapphire – Clear Thinker

October Opal or Tourmaline – Hopeful

November Topaz – Faithful

December Turquoise or Zircon – Prosperous

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