Are Boys’ Muscles Better Than Girls’?

Boy’s muscles are usually bigger than girls’, but bigger is not necessarily better! Boys’ muscles tend to be bigger because boys usually use them more in sports and other physical activities. This also makes their muscles harder.

Later, when boys reach their teens, or the period called adolescence, their glands produce special chemicals, or hormones, that help them develop into men. Just as these hormones now make boys taller and heavier, and cause their voices to deepen, they also make their muscle cells grow faster and stronger.

Even though boys may think that they have more muscles than girls, they don’t; both sexes have the same number of muscles, 639!

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  1. I believe women do have at least one additional muscle, the smooth muscle surrounding the uterus! But yes, testosterone, along with a complement of other hormones, aid in the construction of muscular tissue (cardiac, smooth and skeletal). However, this comes at a cost. Because of these wonderful hormones, the circulatory system is put under stress and subsequently breaks down sooner then without them. This being one of the reasons men tend to have shorter life spans then women (heart disease and associated circulatory difficulties are the leading cause of death in men and women).
    A double edged sword if I’ve ever heard of one.

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