5 Ways to Attract More Members to Your Gym

If you are a gym owner struggling to attract new members, you are far from alone. In an industry that is known for being fiercely competitive, you need to work hard to make your business stand out from the crowd.  Whether you are a relatively new enterprise or have been established for some time now, … Read more

Paregoric Elixirs: An Age-Old Remedy for Stomach Ailments Revisited

Paregoric elixirs have a rich historical background as traditional remedies for stomach ailments. In this article, we delve into the origins of paregoric elixirs, explore their modern applications and research findings, and examine the production and quality standards associated with these age-old remedies. Key Takeaways Paregoric elixirs have evolved over time with changes in ingredients … Read more

Understanding the Impact of Squirrel Feces on Urban Ecosystems

Squirrel feces play a significant role in urban ecosystems, impacting soil quality, serving as a food source for wildlife, and posing health risks to humans. Understanding these effects is crucial for managing urban environments and promoting ecosystem health. Key Takeaways Squirrel feces contribute to nutrient enrichment in soil, enhancing plant growth and ecosystem productivity. The … Read more

How to Feel Healthier in Just a Few Days

how to feel healthier

Social media, glossy magazines, newspapers, and television commercials are always full of wise advice on how to be healthier, both in terms of physical wellbeing and mental health.  However, even though the American dieting industry is worth billions of dollars, the golden rule of a healthy body is to eat less and move more and … Read more

7 Muscle Building Tips for Beginners

Many of us look at bodybuilders and wonder why they go to so much trouble and effort to build muscle. However, there are many benefits to building muscle. As well as helping to increase our metabolic rate, building muscle can help to prevent injuries. And that’s not all; it has also been proven that muscle … Read more

5 Tips on How to Boost Your Spiritual Well-Being

Self-care is taking center stage in society. Mental health awareness and physical and emotional well-being are finally receiving the attention they deserve. Everyone is devoting more time to personal development and foregoing overtime working hours in order to spend more time with their families.  Physical health entails eating well and exercising regularly to maintain energy … Read more

Facts About Yoga That Might Interest You

woman doing yoga

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is one of the most popular forms of exercise today. Yoga has various physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that practitioners can enjoy at any level. Whether you want to improve your physical health, reduce stress levels, or explore deeper spiritual issues, yoga can provide the tools … Read more

Using Cannabinoid Products to Improve Your Health: A Full Guide


Cannabinoid products are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. From their ability to help manage pain to potential benefits for mental health, these products have significantly impacted people’s lives. But it can be hard to know which cannabinoid product is best for you, and how to use them properly. That’s why we’ve put together … Read more

What are Examples of Delta-8 Products?


The term delta-8 refer to any cannabis product that contains a specific cannabinoid. Delta-8 is a minor cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, and it has similar properties to delta-9 THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. See more about cannabis plants on this website. However, delta-8 is much less potent than delta-9 … Read more

6 Workplace Habits That Are Great for Your Health

home office

It’s no secret that the workplace can be a stressful environment. With deadlines to meet and quotas to fill, it’s easy for stress to take over. However, did you know that there are some simple things you can do at work to help improve your health? This blog post discusses six habits that are great … Read more

What Are The Ingredients Of A Delta 8 Vape?

electronic cigarette

We’re interested in learning more about the advantages of vaping Delta 8 THC because many people have switched from smoking to vaping. You can choose which cannabinoids you want in your blend with this hip and handy replacement for tobacco! We get to live in a period where vaping D8 is incredibly simple. Although you … Read more

6 Factors Make THC Gummies Delicious To Consume

cbd gummy

People who use cannabis or THC gummies know they are the easiest way to consume cannabis. They are easy to make and very convenient to carry. The best thing about THC gummies is that they taste delicious, and one can eat as many as possible without facing any side effects compared to other edibles. It … Read more

7 Proven Strategies to Build Your THC Oil Brand

cbd 01

A cannabis-related product like THC oil is a new entrant trying to penetrate the global ecosystem, and it is federally illegal or legal in some states. So, advertising and promoting to build your brand in the field is challenging. Well-known evidence suggests that the market value of cannabis will reach USD 166 billion by 2025. … Read more

Healthiest Cooking Methods for a Nutritional Diet

zippyfacts iprice heroimage

There are several methods to prepare juicy and delectable cuisine without adding many unneeded ingredients. While most individuals are aware that they should avoid using the fryer while preparing healthy meals, many do not consider how their cooking method impacts the nutritional composition of their entrée. The nutritional content of the meals you serve is … Read more

How do antibacterial cutting boards and toys help prevent the spread of bacterial infections?

how do antibacterial cutting boards and toys help prevent the spread of bacterial infections

An antibacterial impregnated in a toy or in some other consumer product must be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. Companies that manufacture such things have correctly perceived that germs on cutting boards and in children’s toys are among those people worry most about, and they’ve come to the rescue with antibacterial products they claim … Read more

How do antibacterial cleaners and soaps do more harm than good?

how do antibacterial cleaners and soaps do more harm than good

The company that makes Lysol announced in a television commercial that they are now selling a kind of paper towel soaked in liquid disinfectant, “kills 99.9 percent of germs”, the same percentage that Tide with Bleach claims to wipe out. There are all sorts of products, hundreds of them, that are advertised as antibacterial, including … Read more

What Infectious Diseases can you catch at a Tattoo Parlor?

what infectious diseases can you catch at a tattoo parlor

A tattoo parlor doesn’t seem like a particularly salubrious place, and having someone stick a needle through your skin seems obviously to carry some risk, but the risk of getting any blood-borne disease by getting a tattoo are extremely low, at least in the United States. Although it is of course theoretically possible to transmit … Read more

What types of Germs, Bacteria, and Microbial Organisms can be found in municipal water systems?

what types of germs bacteria and microbial organisms can be found in municipal water systems

The Contaminant Candidate List sounds like it might be a registry of anti-environmental office seekers published by the Sierra Club. But it’s actually a list of the contaminants in public drinking water that may require regulation, and the Environmental Protection Agency is required to issue such a list every five years. The last one came … Read more

Where do Colds come from and What causes the Common Cold?

where do colds come from and what causes the common cold

If we want to search for something good to come out of the 1918 disaster, perhaps we can find it in the spur to research in virology that it provoked. In the 10 years after 1918, thousands of books and articles were published about the flu. One large problem posed by the flu virus is … Read more

How do we find out about new Flu strains in time to develop new vaccines against them?

how do we find out about new flu strains in time to develop new vaccines against them scaled

How do we find out about new strains in time to develop new vaccines against them? The World Health Organization, in cooperation with dozens of other national and international health groups, maintains the Global Outbreak Alert and Response program to provide continuous surveillance of infectious disease outbreaks around the world. This program covers all kinds … Read more

What is the most common cause of waterborne disease and Where does Cryptosporidium come from?

what is the most common cause of waterborne disease and where does cryptosporidium come from

On September 3, 1999, 10 children in counties near Albany, New York, were hospitalized with bloody diarrhea, and everyone wanted to know why. Health officials quickly discovered two facts: they were all infected with E. coli O157:H7, the most deadly form of the E. coli bacterium, and they had all attended the Washington County Fair, … Read more

Where does Bottled Water come from and Is Bottled Water safe to drink?

where does bottled water come from and is bottled water safe to drink

If the bottle label reads “well water,” “artesian well water,” “spring water,” or “mineral water,” that certainly sounds healthful, and may even be healthful, but such sources can be polluted with cryptosporidium, too. There is a large variety of water brands, and an almost equally large variety of sources from which the water comes. A … Read more

Where does the Giardia lamblia Parasite come from and How common is Giardiasis?

where does the giardia lamblia parasite come from and how common is giardiasis

Giardia lamblia is the other common protozoan parasite that infests drinking water. During the 1990s, reports of giardiasis increased all over the country. In 1997–1998, the latest years for which the CDC has published statistics, New York State, including New York City, had the largest number of cases, 3,673. But before you conclude from this … Read more

Where does Malaria come from and How does Malaria spread?

where does malaria come from and how does malaria spread

Rubbing on insect repellent and slapping at mosquitoes is a summertime tradition. Just the smell of a spritz of Off! gives some people Proustian recollections of fun-filled days at summer camp. But until the 1920s, mosquitoes were a cause of deadly epidemics in the United States, and everyone now knows that they’re back again carrying … Read more

How do the companies that sell antibacterial soap and hand cleaners label their products?

how do the companies that sell antibacterial soap and hand cleaners label their products

Why do they print directions on the back of your liquid antibacterial hand soap bottle? Do you really need “directions” on how to use soap? Antibacterial products used to clean bathrooms or kitchen sinks are not drugs, and therefore their labeling is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. Same for ordinary (i.e., non-antibacterial) soap. But … Read more

How do you catch Malaria in New York?

how do you catch malaria in new york

Suffolk County, New York, has beautiful beaches and beautiful people. Rich New Yorkers own elaborate summer houses there, in different neighborhoods from the local year-rounders who serve them, of course. Those who don’t own can rent them, rentals at $20,000 a month and more are common. Some people commute to jobs in Manhattan from Suffolk. … Read more

How dirty is Money and Does Money spread contagious diseases?

how dirty is money and does money spread contagious diseases

Rats, mice, flies, cockroaches, these are just things you can run into at almost any restaurant at one time or another. Every time you go out, you’re exposing yourself to something. In fact, those dollar bills in your wallet, the ones you plan to spend for the taxi ride downtown before you even do anything, … Read more

What infectious diseases can you get when riding the Subway or Bus?

what infectious diseases can you get when riding the subway or bus

A lot of people worry about “picking up something” while they’re using public transportation. In New York City, the most feared location for mysophobes is undoubtedly the subway. Everyone squashed together, sneezing, coughing, wiping their noses, and then grabbing those poles to keep from falling over every time the train stops, starts, or lurches. The … Read more

How safe is the food at a fancy Restaurant?

how safe is the food at a fancy restaurant

You’re relaxed, sipping your wine, waiting for your appetizer, looking forward to a nice quiet dinner: broiled lamb chops provençal, your favorite. The people at the next table have just left, and their dirty dishes are being collected by the busboy, who was rubbing his cheek, or was it his nose?, on his way over … Read more

How common is Rabies and Which animals carry the Rabies virus?

how common is rabies and which animals carry the rabies virus

Everyone’s afraid of rabies, but almost no one in the United States ever gets it. Even a hundred years ago, it was very rare, about 100 people a year got it in the early twentieth century, and today, thanks to widespread vaccination of domestic animals, the average yearly number of human cases is 2 or … Read more

What types of Germs and Diseases can you catch in Public Toilets?

what types of germs and diseases can you catch in public toilets

There are lots of rumors and frightening stories that go around, but some of them just aren’t true. You can’t get syphilis from a toilet seat, no matter what you may have heard, and HIV is not transmitted by contact with environmental surfaces in public bathrooms. You can’t get herpes from contact with toilet seats, … Read more

What are Arboviruses and Where do Arboviruses come from?

what are arboviruses and where do arboviruses come from

The group of viruses that are transmitted by insects are called (and this is not a technical term) “arboviruses.” The term is a coinage based on “ARthropod BOrne Virus.” West Nile, transmitted by a mosquito, is one of these. There are several other viruses transmitted by insects to humans, all of them quite rare in … Read more

Where does Chlamydia psittaci come from and How do birds spread Avian chlamydiosis?

where does chlamydia psittaci come from and how do birds spread avian chlamydiosis scaled

You may remember Chlamydia trachomatis, it’s the bacterium that causes the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States, chlamydia. A closely related species, Chlamydia psittaci, infects pet birds (and more rarely certain wild birds as well) and can be transmitted to humans, who can get flu-like symptoms from it, and sometimes more serious … Read more

What bacterial infections are resistant to antibiotics and Why?

what bacterial infections are resistant to antibiotics and why

While resistant strains of the potentially deadly S. aureus bacterium have been known for some years to occur in hospitals, it is only recently that these strains have made their way into the community at large. In 1997, a seven-year-old girl from an urban area of Minnesota was admitted to a hospital with a temperature … Read more

How are most Diseases spread at Day Care Centers?

how are most diseases spread at day care centers

Shigellosis is another disease kids risk contracting in day care centers and passing on to their families. In 1991 there was an outbreak of Shigella sonnei infection in Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky, that involved 14 licensed day care centers, making a lot of people sick but, every cloud has a silver lining, giving researchers a chance … Read more

How safe is Vaccination and What were the side effects of the Rotavirus Vaccine?

how safe is vaccination and what were the side effects of the rotavirus vaccine

The Internet can be a significant source of misinformation about vaccines. There are numerous sites that gather scare stories about vaccination based on little more than anecdotal reports from parents, and many chat rooms discussing vaccination in hysterical voices and without benefit of scientific information. This doesn’t mean that vaccines are without dangers, there are … Read more

How do Vaccines help prevent the spread of Infectious Diseases?

how do vaccines help prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Viruses are parasitic. They can only live and reproduce inside the cells of other animals or plants, in scientific terms, they are called obligate survive in one environment (if a germ can survive in more than one environment, it is called facultative); they are intracellular because they must live inside cells; they are molecular parasites … Read more

Where does Syphilis come from and How does Syphilis spread?

where does syphilis come from and how does syphilis spread

The Italians call it the French disease; the French call it the English disease. Russians blamed the Poles, the Poles blamed the Germans. At least since the sixteenth century, Europeans have been blaming each other, if it isn’t English, French, Polish, Russian, or German, then it’s Venetian or Neapolitan. Some believe Columbus brought it back … Read more

What is the Most Common STD and Where does Chlamydia come from?

what is the most common std and where does chlamydia come from

Chlamydia is probably the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States, even more common than herpes-2. There were more than 640,000 new cases of chlamydia reported in 2000 and more than 290,000 through the first six months of 2001. Since all diseases are underreported, and since most people with chlamydia are not even … Read more

How common are STDs and How are STIs prevented and treated?

how common are stds and how are stis prevented and treated

You may think that sexually transmitted infections are someone else’s problem, but in fact 55 million Americans have at least one sexually transmitted disease (STD). More than 45 million Americans have HSV-2, the sexually transmitted form of the herpes simplex virus, and a million more get it every year. There’s no cure for it. Two … Read more

Where does Listeria Bacteria come from and How is Listeriosis prevented?

where does listeria bacteria come from and how is listeriosis prevented

In the late summer and fall of 1998 Listeria monocytogenes, a gram-positive bacterium that lives everywhere in the world except Antarctica, caused about 40 illnesses in ten different U.S. states. The CDC in cooperation with state health departments in Connecticut, New York, Ohio, and Tennessee determined that all these cases came from a single strain … Read more

What causes Trichomoniasis and How is a Trichomoniasis infection treated?

what causes trichomoniasis and how is a trichomoniasis infection treated

Syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, papillomavirus, chlamydia, you’d think that would be enough bacteria and viruses to worry about, especially at a moment when you’re preoccupied with something more pressing. But there’s more. The cause of trichomoniasis is neither a bacterium nor a virus. It’s the cause of a microscopic parasite, a protozoan called Trichomonis vaginalis that … Read more

Why do Kids pick up so many Germs, Microbes, Bacteria, and Viruses?

why do kids pick up so many germs microbes bacteria and viruses

Kids are unquestionably messy, and the younger they are the messier they seem to be. Growing up involves an incessant series of encounters with germs of all kinds. Babies begin by fouling themselves with germ-laden feces, then as soon as they’re able to they start putting everything they can lift into their mouths. Next they … Read more

Are Antibiotics really necessary for children with Ear Infections?

are antibiotics really necessary for children with ear infections

Children in day care probably get more antibiotics prescribed for them than children who stay at home. A May 2001 Danish study followed children from birth in 1997 to the age of two years and found that enrollment in a day care center doubled a child’s likelihood of being prescribed an antibiotic. Whether this is … Read more

Where does Campylobacter bacteria come from and How do Campylobacter infections spread?

where does campylobacter bacteria come from and how do campylobacter infections spread

Since 1989, when it surpassed the number of outbreaks caused by salmonella, Campylobacter has been the most common cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in the United States. An estimated 2.4 million people get infected with it every year. It’s a gram-negative rod-shaped bacterium, and there are three species of it that cause human disease. C. coli … Read more

Where does E. coli come from and How does E. coli bacteria spread?

where does e coli come from and how does e coli bacteria spread

More common than C. botulinum, and perhaps as notorious, is the bacterium Escherichia coli. There are hundreds of different serotypes of this gram-negative bacterium, any one of which can cause disease, and many of them are part of the normal bacterial fauna of the intestines. They can get into other parts of the body and … Read more