Eleanor Johnson Shuman: A Titanic Survivor’s Tale of Resilience

Eleanor Johnson Shuman was a remarkable survivor of the Titanic disaster, whose tale of resilience continues to inspire many. Despite facing unimaginable challenges, Eleanor’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of hope in the face of adversity. Key Takeaways Eleanor’s childhood in England shaped her character and … Read more

How Big Were Fred Astaire’s Feet and Why Did Fred Astaire Look Tall On Screen?

how big were fred astaires feet and why did fred astaire look tall on screen

Dive into the cinematic world of Fred Astaire as we explore the size of his feet and the illusion that made him appear tall on screen. Uncover the secrets behind his iconic stature. Key Takeaways: Examine the actual size of Fred Astaire’s feet and dispel common misconceptions. Explore the film techniques that contributed to Astaire’s … Read more

How Many Nicknames Did Alfred Hitchcock Have and What Was Hitchcock’s Nickname For Himself?

how many nicknames did alfred hitchcock have and what was hitchcocks nickname for himself

Alfred Hitchcock had several nicknames. His folks called him Fred. His schoolmates and friends called him kooky. He referred to himself as Hitch. Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born on 13 August 1899 and he pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller film genres. Hitchcock directed over fifty feature films in a career … Read more

Who wrote the book “The Catcher In The Rye” and when?

who wrote the book the catcher in the rye and when

The book “The Catcher in the Rye” was written by J. D. Salinger and published in 1951. The novel has become a classic with over 64 million copies sold to date. Even today, 250 thousand copies are sold each year and it has been translated into all major languages. Walk into any decent bookstore, and … Read more

Which City In The US Uses The Most Water?

which city in the us uses the most water scaled

The city of New York Uses The Most Water. Sound like a lot of water, doesn’t it?

In the 1980s, 10 million people used 500 million gallons of water a day. That works out to 50 gallons for every person. That is less than the average for the rest of the U.S.A.

Throughout our country, most people use 87 gallons per day. Only two of those gallons are for drinking and cooking. Did you know that things like food use water, too?

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Was There Really a Butcher Named A. Stinker?

was there really a butcher named a stinker

There certainly was. Ever since names have been around, there have been all sorts of funny ones.

In fact, some are so funny that their owners go to court to get them changed. People change their names because they don’t like the ones they’ve been given by their parents or because there is a name they’d much rather have than the one they’ve been given.

Three men on a fishing trip once checked into a hotel, where they signed their real, legal names: Mr. Hook, Mr. Fly, and Mr. Fish.

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When Did Michael J. Owens Invent A Machine That Made Glass Bottles?

when did michael j owens invent a machine that made glass bottles

For 2,000 years, people made bottles by blowing air into a glob of molten glass through a long, thin pipe.

The hot glass expanded the same way a balloon does. It was slow, difficult work.

Then, in 1903, a glassblower from West Virginia named Michael J. Owens invented a machine that could do the same thing much faster. In the time it took a man with a pipe to blow 216 bottles, Owens’s machine could make 300,000 bottles.

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Who Created The Comic Book Character Superman?

who created the comic book character superman

You’d be pretty rich, right? After all, Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, and he became very rich. Unlike Mickey, Superman did not make his creators rich. As a matter of fact, in 1938, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who created the Red-Caped Crusader, sold all their rights to the cartoon character to Detective Comics for … Read more

What Is the Biggest Department Store In The World?

what is the biggest department store in the world scaled

R. H. Macy & Co. at 34th St. and Seventh Ave. in New York City was the world’s largest Department store in 2008.

It is more commonly known to the American public as Macy’s.

This giant department store didn’t appear overnight. It started as a tiny “hole in the wall” store on New York’s 14th St. It was Roland H. Macy’s fifth try at running a store.

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Why Are Some People Short and Compact While Others Are Tall and Lean?

why are some people short and compact while others are tall and lean

Some of us are short or tall and it all has to do with the climate in which hundreds of generations of their people have spent their lives.

People who have lived in the cold climate of the Arctic need to save every bit of heat their bodies can produce. The more skin they have, the more heat they will lose.

That’s why Eskimos are normally short, with short legs and short arms. They have less body surface than most other humans and can stay warmer in their cold climate.

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Why Do People In India Eat Silver?

why do people in india eat silver

They do in India. Silver can be hammered till it is 150 times thinner than a page of this book.

In India, they take this very, very thin silver and decorate food to make it look pretty. They then eat the food and the decoration, too. How would you like to see a silver chicken on your dinner table?

In fact, in India, they coat pills and medicines with silver. Fifteen percent of the world’s entire supply of silver is owned by this large country. Much of that amount is used in the bracelets and jewelry the Indians wear.

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Did Frank “Cannonball” Richards Have The Strongest Stomach Muscles In The World?

did frank cannonball richards have the strongest stomach muscles in the world

Frank Richards wanted to find out if he had the strongest stomach muscles in the world. He decided to make his stomach as strong as he could.

He trained very hard, became a circus performer, and used his strong stomach muscles in his act.

In 1927, the great heavy weight boxing champion Jack Dempsey hit Richards’ stomach 75 times. Dempsey hit as hard as he could, but Richards barely flinched. Richards toughened his stomach muscles even more and began to allow challengers to hit him in the stomach with a heavy sledgehammer.

Still, he felt nothing.

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How Did Clarence Birdseye Invent Frozen Food?

how did clarence birdseye invent frozen food

In the mid 1920s, Clarence Birdseye went on a hunting trip to Labrador, Canada. It was winter, the weather was bitter cold, and Birdseye was fascinated by what he saw and tasted.

He saw Eskimos catch fish and hang them outside in the sub-zero temperatures to freeze them solid. Birdseye found that when this fish was eaten months later it tasted exactly as though it had just been caught. He was amazed.

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Was The Mystery Of The Man In The Iron Mask Ever Solved?

was the mystery of the man in the iron mask ever solved

He didn’t wear an iron mask, he wore one of cloth. For 35 years, this man was kept a prisoner. To this day, nobody knows who the man was. He was put in prison by the king of France, who absolutely refused to answer any questions about why the prisoner was there or who he … Read more

Which Country Has The Festival of Tops?

which country has the festival of tops scaled

In the nation of Malaysia. The people of Malaysia have always been fascinated by tops, and not long ago they decided to celebrate with the “Festival of the Tops.” All sorts of top contests are played. In one, there is a fighter top, and it has to knock over all the others. The winner is … Read more

When Did Benjamin Oppenheimer Invent The Fire Escape Parachute?

when did benjamin oppenheimer invent the fire escape parachute

Yes. It was used for escaping from fires. In 1879, when Benjamin Oppenheimer patented his invention, there were many more house fires than there are now, and when houses burned, they generally burned to the ground. Houses caught on fire because of carelessness with fireplaces and wood- burning stoves, both of which were much more … Read more

Why Were The Pony Express Bandits Called The Wild Bunch?

why were the pony express bandits called the wild bunch

They were a gang of Old West bank robbers and stagecoach hold-up men. They stashed fresh horses, provisions, and ammunition at hiding places along a trail that led from where they were going to pull a hold-up to where they wanted to hide out. This method was similar to the one used by the Pony … Read more

Who Started The Macaroni Club In England?

who started the macaroni club in england

The Macaroni Club was formed in England around 1770 by a group of wealthy young Londoners. It started as a joke. The members wanted to make fun of the stuck-up clubs that their elders all belonged to. The group of young men had just come back from a trip to Italy, so they called their … Read more

Who Was The First Person To Fly Across America?

who was the first person to fly across america

In 1911, nobody had ever flown across America in an airplane. A motorcycle driver named Calbraith P. Rodgers decided to try to make the trip even though he had had only 70 hours training as a pilot. His airplane was owned by the manufacturer of a popular soft drink and was called the Vin Fizz. … Read more

In Which Country Do Kids Hate School the Most?

in which country do kids hate school the most

According to a recent Gallup poll, the kids who hate school the most come from that most polite of all nations, Japan. Why do Japanese children dislike school? Psychologists reason that it is because great pressure it put on Japanese children to get high marks in school. It is said that unless you have very … Read more

Why Do Some People In Iran Spray Oil On The Desert?

why do some people in iran spray oil on the desert

In many parts of the world, man is losing his battle against the desert. Iran is one place where he is winning. Iran’s desert is twice the size of the state of Vermont. Parts of it are being sprayed with oil. The oil dries to a gray crust that works like a mulch, protecting the … Read more

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

why do women live longer than men

Men can hit baseballs harder than women can. They can pick up heavier objects and run faster than women. But are men stronger than women? Their muscles are stronger, that’s all. Women are much stronger than men when it comes to pushing away disease and staying healthy. They are stronger when it comes to living … Read more

Which Chinese Emperor Was Buried Under Mount Li Soon?

which chinese emperor was buried under mount li soon scaled

It took 35 years to build his tomb, and 700,000 workers were brought from every part of China to do the work. When he was finally buried in it, in 210 B.C., the tomb was covered with earth. When the job was done, a small mountain fifteen stories high had been created. They called it … Read more

Why Did King George of England Despise Benjamin Franklin?

why did king george of england despise benjamin franklin

It angered King George of England that the pesty Americans had invented the lightning rod. How could a country bumpkin like Benjamin Franklin have invented anything to do with something so complicated as electricity. In the early 1770s, just before the American Revolution, England went ahead and began to install lightning rods on those buildings … Read more

Why Did President Thomas Jefferson Smuggle Rice Out Of Italy?

why did president thomas jefferson smuggle rice out of italy

One of our most famous presidents was a smuggler. He was never caught, but he only smuggled once. In 1784, congress asked Thomas Jefferson to travel to Europe to make treaties of friendship and to see if the European nations were interested in buying such American products as tobacco, whale oil, and furs. The European … Read more

Did 9-Year-Old Boys Fight In The American Revolutionary War?

did 9 year old boys fight in the american revolutionary war

They didn’t carry guns or, at least, they weren’t supposed to. But 9-year-olds served in the army during the American Revolution. They were drummer boys. Often, the sounds of their drums were used to send signals from one part of an army to another. More often, the drummer boys beat out the rhythm of a … Read more

Why Does The Queen of England Have Two Birthdays?

why does the queen of england have two birthdays

The present queen of England was born on April 21, 1926, but her official birthday is in June. In fact, whether England has a king or a queen in charge, and no matter what month they are really born, their official birthday is always celebrated in June. The reason is to give everybody a good … Read more

Can Humans Read Better Than Computers?

can humans read better than computers

Reading is a very human activity. The act of reading is so complicated that even the most advanced computer can’t do it as well as you can. When you read, you take shortcuts, play hunches, figure things out in advance, and you make all these calculations almost instantly. You see letters in groups and the … Read more

Which Three American Presidents Died on the Fourth of July?

which three american presidents died on the fourth of july

Three of America’s Founding Fathers, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe, died on the Fourth of July. Of the three, James Monroe was the only one who fought in the American Revolution. He fought in many battles and was wounded twice, once at the Battle of Harlem Heights and once at the Battle of … Read more

In Which Country Do Girls Marry At The Age of 12?

in which country do girls marry at the age of 12

In the country villages of remote areas of India, this has been going on for hundreds or thousands of years. Here it is the custom for girls to marry when they are 12 or 13. Recently, however, a law has been passed that forbids them from living with their husbands as a family until they … Read more

Which American President Had The Most Pets?

which american president had the most pets scaled

President Theodore Roosevelt and his family had the most pets. Many were kept at the White House, but most lived at the “Summer White House” in Long Island, New York. If you made a trip to the summer place, you might see a lion, hyena, wildcat, coyote, five bears, an eagle, an owl, a zebra, … Read more

When Was Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House Built?

when was queen marys dolls house built

The Queen of England has the tiny stove, and she has a working refrigerator six inches high, a one inch-high kitchen scale that actually weighs things, a five-inch vacuum cleaner that sucks up dust, and a golden, carved piano eight inches from front to back on which every black and white key plays its own … Read more

Why Did Frederick Tudor The Ice King Sell Ice to India?

why did frederick tudor the ice king sell ice to india

It doesn’t get very cold in the winter in the Indian city of Calcutta. Even had they heard of ice in 1833, most of the city’s people had never seen it. So, when Frederick Tudor’s ship arrived in Calcutta harbor with a shipment of ice from the ponds of New England, it caused a great … Read more

Why Did Early American Pioneers Live In Forts?

why did early american pioneers live in forts scaled

Early American pioneers found that living in separate cabins did not offer them protection from Indians. So all the settlers who lived near one another would get together and build a fort. They would construct cabins inside the fort along one wall. Like the rooms in modern motels, these cabins were in a straight line, … Read more

Why Was Queen Charlotte Of England Known As Snuffy Charlotte?

why was queen charlotte of england known as snuffy charlotte

Queen Charlotte was the wife of George III, king of England during the American Revolution. Queen Charlotte was so fond of sniffing the powdered tobacco called snuff, that “Snuffy Charlotte” became her nickname. Colombus discovered natives of the New World smoking tobacco during his first voyage, but it wasn’t until 1532, forty years later, that … Read more

Why Couldn’t King John II of France Pay His Own Ransom?

why couldnt king john ii of france pay his own ransom

John II was king of France during one of the nation’s wars with England. He was captured by the English in 1356 at the Battle of Poitiers. Since he was a king, the English didn’t want to keep him in jail, they wanted to exchange him for money. They released him when he promised he … Read more

What Country Has the Craziest Drivers In The World?

what country has the craziest drivers in the world

There are a lot of crazy automobile drivers in this world, but it is the Japanese who take the cake. They have more accidents than anybody else, based on the size of their population. Not many people get killed in these accidents. Not many people even get injured. They just keep bumping into one another, … Read more

Who Was the Laziest President in American History?

who was the laziest president in american history

President Reagan liked to take a few weeks off to spend time at his ranch in California, but he worked at being president even while he is there. President Eisenhower loved to play golf and could be found on the golf course two or three times a week. But the man who liked to escape … Read more

Which Country Has The Happiest People in the World?

which country has the happiest people in the world

Do you hear a lot of griping and complaining around you? Are your friends always saying this is wrong, that is terrible, and that other thing ought to be changed? Well, if you hear a lot of that here in the US, you ought to hear what’s going on in Italy and Japan. More people … Read more

Are Humpback Whales Social Animals?

are humpback whales social animals

Humpback Whales are indeed social animals among humans. They are easily approachable, curious, and display many behaviors such as breaching the water. This makes the animal ideal for whale watching. The humpback whales that come to the ocean waters off the Hawaiian Islands swim alongside people and have never been known to harm anyone. They … Read more

When Was President Grover Cleveland A Hangman?

when was president grover cleveland a hangman

Long before Grover Cleveland became president, he was a sheriff in Erie County, New York. As a law officer, one of his duties was to be in charge of hangings. While he was a sheriff, he had to hang two criminals. Cleveland was always a very busy man. In the course of three and a … Read more

How Did Hat Tipping Become A Custom?

how did hat tipping become a custom

Throughout most of the world during the 1600s, most men wore hats all the time. They would wear them inside their own home, at meals, in bed, outside, and on any important occasion. There is no exact record of the date when it began to be thought impolite to do some of these things. Ever … Read more

How Do Eskimos Keep Warm In The Cold?

how do eskimos keep warm in the cold

Except for his boots, an Eskimo’s complete winter outfit weighed only 10 pounds, yet he was able to stay warm in the very coldest weather. How? He knew the secret of using air as insulation. His cold-weather clothes consisted of two suits of trousers and shirts worn over each other, a hooded parka, and a … Read more

Why Did Cowboys Bury Their New Hats?

why did cowboys bury their new hats scaled

To make them look old, of course. Sounds silly, but it is true. If a cowboy wore a new hat, he might be taken for a “tenderfoot,” a newcomer. Even if an old-time Westerner wore a new hat, he was teased about it. The men of the Old West wanted their hats to look old … Read more

Why Does The Hamamatsu Festival In Japan Have Kite Fights?

why does the hamamatsu festival in japan have kite fights

One hundred thirty miles southwest of Tokyo, Japan, in the city of Hamamatsu, men fight with kites every year during three days in early May. The combat began many centuries ago, when the ruler of the region celebrated the birth of his first son by flying kites. Two million people a year come to see … Read more

When Did Women Wear Ships In Their Hair?

when did women wear ships in their hair

In France at the end of the 1700s, women wore their hair in the strangest fashion you can imagine. They wore wigs that rose two and a half to three feet above their heads. Some of the women were so tall they had to ride on the floor of their carriages in order to fit … Read more

How Do People Walk On Hot Coals Without Getting Burned?

how do people walk on hot coals without getting burned

Fire walkers can, and few people know how they do it. These amazing people, who live in Hawaii, India, and on certain islands of the South Pacific, actually walk on fire. A big trench is dug in the ground and is filled with fire. Eventually, it burns down to a bed of glowing, red-hot coals. … Read more

How Did David Goodman Croly Predict The Future?

how did david goodman croly predict the future

There is no proof that such a thing is possible, but there have been people who seemed to be able to foresee the future. One such person was David Goodman Croly, a successful journalist who lived between 1829 and 1889. One of the things he foresaw long before it happened was World War I. He … Read more

How Did Kuda Bux See While Blindfolded?

how did kuda bux see while blindfolded

Such a man was Kuda Bux. Bux was a Pakistani who made his living displaying his amazing talent to paying viewers. Doctors all over the world examined and tested him, and none could ever call his remarkable ability a trick. Through the heaviest bandages, he could read books and newspapers. The bandages were often applied … Read more

What Is The Longest Subway System In The World?

what is the longest subway system in the world

That famous “hole in the ground” is the subway. England is the home of the subway. The first system, called the London Transport Executive, began to operate in 1863, while the United States was deeply involved in the Civil War. The Longest Subway System In The World is the The London Tube, with 408 km … Read more

Do Headhunters Still Exist In Tribes In The Philippines?

do headhunters still exist in tribes in the philippines

Until the early 1960’s, headhunting was a common practice among the Ilonget tribesmen who live deep in the jungles of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. For a young man of this tribe, the taking of a human head was the way he demonstrated that he was brave and grown up. When he returned … Read more

How Is The Human Body Amazing?

how is the human body amazing

Every joint in your body is slicker than a skate on ice. As a matter of fact, your body is so well lubricated at its joints that they have only one-third the friction of a sharp skate slicing its way over a hard-frozen pond. The human body is truly amazing. Did you know that a … Read more

When Did People Buy Milk Straight From The Cow?

when did people buy milk straight from the cow scaled

Delivering fresh milk was a problem in the days before refrigeration. In small towns and cities around the world, a farmer often delivered milk to his customers in the freshest way he knew. He brought the cow with him. The customer bought what he or she needed. The cow delivered the milk right into the … Read more

Why Was Pigweed Valuable To The Ancient Aztecs?

why was pigweed valuable to the ancient aztecs

The Indians of the Southwest and Mexico live in a hot, dry region. It is the kind of land where few plants can grow. Corn won’t grow there, but these original Americans had “popcorn.” They had no rubber trees, but by chewing the ends of a short plant until the sap came out and then … Read more

How Is Sunlight Good For Our Health?

how is sunlight good for our health

Recent scientific studies have proven that there is nothing as good for people as the light of the sun. That doesn’t mean sunburn, just plenty of natural light. The natural light of the sun produces certain hormones in our bodies, and these hormones tend to keep us from becoming sick. Our skin produces Vitamin D … Read more

Who Was Harry Houdini And How Did He Die?

who was harry houdini and how did he die

Many people believe that Harry Houdini was the greatest escape artist of all time. And perhaps he was. He performed escapes all over the world while tied, chained, and weighted. He managed to escape from nearly every type of container. Many of his most exciting performances were escapes made while he was imprisoned underwater. Houdini … Read more

What Does The Hypothalamus Do?

what does the hypothalamus do

If birds and flowers can have inner clocks that tell them when to fly south or when to bloom, why can’t humans? Why can’t all animals? Scientists at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts are certain that they have found this special clock in the human brain. It tells us when to sleep and when to … Read more

How Do SmokeJumpers Fight Fires?

how do smokejumpers fight fires

SmokeJumpers jump just where you’d guess they might, into smoke. The name smoke jumper is given to a very special group of 350 forest firefighters. These man are trained to parachute from low-flying planes into parts of the forest that are hard to reach. Their job is to try to stop a forest fire before … Read more

Who Was The Most Famous Sharpshooter In America?

who was the most famous sharpshooter in america

Two of the most famous sharpshooters of all time were Annie Oakley and Daniel Boone. Annie toured with Bufffalo Bill’s Wild West show for 17 years during the late 1800’s. She was such a crack shot that the emperor of Germany performed in her act when the show came to his country. He would put … Read more

Who Was The Greatest Soldier In The American Revolution?

who was the greatest soldier in the american revolution scaled

The Continental army, the American forces of the Revolutionary War, had its share of great athletes. George Washington was himself a fine wrestler and took on all corners. He was also a champion broad jumper. The title of “strongest” probably belongs to Peter Francisco, who at age 16, stood six feet six inches and weighed … Read more

How Did Amelia Earhart Disappear And Was She Ever Found?

how did amelia earhart disappear and was she ever found

Amelia Earhart was one of America’s greatest airplane pilots. In 1937, when she and her navigator, Frederick J. Noonan, were attempting to fly 27,000 miles around the world, their plane suddenly disappeared without a trace. A radio message was received that said the gas supply was running low, but they didn’t sound worried. The last … Read more

What Semi-Pro Baseball Player Became President?

what semi pro baseball player became president scaled

Dwight David Eisenhower, the thirty-fourth president of the United States, played semi-pro baseball for a short time between graduating from high school and attending West Point. Known by his nickname, “Ike,” he was born in Denison, Texas, but two years later his family moved to Abilene, Kansas. His family was too poor for him to … Read more

Who Was The Boy From Nowhere And Where Was He From?

who was the boy from nowhere and where was he from

On a spring afternoon in May, 1823, a youth appeared out of nowhere, staggering along the streets of Nuremburg, Germany. He asked to be taken to the military fort, where he handed the officer in charge two letters that said his first name was Casper and that he was 13 years old. The letters requested … Read more

Who Killed Jesse James In 1882?

who killed jesse james in 1882

After fifteen years of spectacular robberies, the Wild West’s most notorious outlaw, Jesse James, was shot in the back by two members of his gang. They were out to collect a $10,000 reward for his capture, “dead or alive.” The strange thing was that when they brought his body in, they were arrested for murder … Read more

How Did Mathew Brady Become The Father of Photojournalism?

how did mathew brady become the father of photojournalism scaled

Mathew Brady was a photographer, and he became famous because he was the first American to shoot and document a war. Brady’s 3,500 photographs taken during the Civil War provided the very first such record of any American war. The pictures he took brought the real meaning of the fighting to the families at home. … Read more

Why Do Some People Have A Craving For Dirt?

why do some people have a craving for dirt

Yes, it’s true. They eat not only dirt, but newspaper, wood, starch, charcoal, and lumps of clay. They don’t do it as a joke. Thy eat these non-foods because they feel they must. They have what is known as a craving for them. Nobody knows why such cravings exist or what need is filled when … Read more

Why Did Francis Henry Egerton Throw Dinner Parties For His Dogs?

why did francis henry egerton throw dinner parties for his dogs

Francis Henry Egerton, the eighth Earl of Bridgewater was a British eccentric. The earl owned many dogs and dressed them in tiny, well-made leather boots. Every evening, he dined with a dozen of his dogs at his large dining room table. Since he owned more than twelve dogs, the dogs had to wait their turn … Read more

When Did President Ulysses S. Grant Walk On Silver Bricks?

when did president ulysses s grant walk on silver bricks scaled

President Grant did when he visited Central City, Colorado. It was 1873, and Central City was in the middle of a gold and silver mining boom. Throughout Colorado and elsewhere, the town was known as the “richest square mile on earth.” That claim may or may not have been true, but for awhile the town … Read more

Why Did Petalesharo Rescue A Letan Comanche Girl From Death?

why did petalesharo rescue a letan comanche girl from death

Petalesharo was the son of a Skidi Pawnee Chief whose tribe had captured a young and beautiful Comanche girl in the year 1817. For an entire year she was treated like a royal princess, unaware that she was soon to die as part of a human sacrifice ritual. At the appointed time, she was given … Read more

Why Did Blackbeard the Pirate Like To Burn His Hair?

why did blackbeard the pirate like to burn his hair

Blackbeard the Pirate used to put lighted matches under his hat so he could enjoy the sound and smell of his hair burning. Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach. He was born around 1680 in Bristol, England. From a very young age he wanted to be a pirate. In order to learn his “trade,” he … Read more