Are dust mites a type of flea or another type of insect?

Dust Mites are not a type of flea.

They belong to the arachnid family, along with spiders, ticks, and harvesters, also known as “daddy long legs”.

Dust mites feed on dead human skin that is shed. And we sure do shed a lot of skin. Up to 75% of household dust is composed of dead human skin.

Dust mites are also a major contributor to asthma and allergic symptoms for a lot of us. The house mite produce enzymes that remain in their fecal matter which can be very allergenic.

The common misconception is that the source of the irritation or allergy is the house mite itself, when the truth of the matter is much more disturbing.

A simple way to reduce dust mite fecal matter is to kill the bug that produces it. Washing of bedding will remove most of the fecal matter. Low temperature and humidity can also be used to control dust mite populations.

Their effects on human health and well being can be significant as dust mites reproduce very quickly.