How Big Can Crabs Grow and Can They Grow As Large As Monsters In Movies?

Most crabs are small enough to hold in your hand, ranging from one inch to eight inches across.

how big do crabs grow

But there is one kind of crab, the giant spider crab found in the waters off Japan, that is so big, its legs can span a distance of 12 1/2 feet. Some of these monsters stand three feet off the ground, and weigh more than 30 pounds.

how big can crabs grow and can they grow as large as monsters in movies

The claws of the giant spider crab can kill a man. Japanese fishermen find the crabs on the beach at night, and catch them with nets. It may take several men to hold the net once they’ve snared one of these giants.

The smallest crab, the pea crab, has a shell that is only 1/4 inch long!

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