How did the Touch Me Not or Sensitive Plant get its Name and how does it Close its Leaves when you Touch it?

The incredible touch me not plant, or Mimosa, is a most fascinating plant and is found all over the world.

It is a member of the mimosa family, also known as humble plant, or shameful plant and isn’t related to ferns at all.

The touch-me-not, better known in some places as the “sensitive” plant, instantaneously closes its leaves and takes on a wilted look when touched. The plant will do the same in rain and sometimes with changes in light.

These types of movements are called seismonastic movements. The movement occurs when cells lose turgor pressure, which is the force that is applied to the cell wall. When the plant is disturbed, the stems are stimulated to release chemicals which force water out of the cells, resulting in cell collapse, and closing of the leaflets.

Many scientists believe that the plant uses this ability to shrink as a defense from predators like animals and bugs.

The species is also considered a weed in many countries like Australia.

As with other mimosa varieties, from bushes to trees, its flowers are hairy-looking, almost like pink or purple puffballs.

Everyone Needs a Sensitive Frond.