How Long Do Stars Live For?

There’s no way to say how long the “average” star lives, because there’s really no such thing as an “average” star.

Some stars are so small that their diameter is only 1/70,000 the diameter of the sun, while others have a diameter a thousand times larger than the sun’s.

Stars “die” in different ways too. Some stars get smaller and cooler until they simply stop burning, while others blow themselves apart in tremendous explosions called supernovas.

Our sun is thought to be from five to six billion years old, and will probably continue burning for about another ten billion years.

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  1. From what I know and from what I gather from several different sources…NASA, Scientific American, Nature etc…the last sentence in the above answer is most definitely wrong. Our sun is closer to 5 billion years old and will only live a total of 10 billion years before collapsing to a white dwarf. therefore our sun will only last roughly another 5 billion years before it burns itself out.

    As star thats 10% of the size of our sun will burn faintly for trillions of years. A star the size of our sun for billions while a star 100 times the size of our sun will only last around one or two million years.

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