What Are the Largest and Smallest Breeds of Dogs?

It may be hard to believe, but the largest dogs on earth are almost 300 times as Davy as the smallest dogs! The breed of dog with the largest average size is the St. Bernard.

Full-grown St. Bernards may weigh more than 250 pounds, and the heaviest St. Bernard, the heaviest dog of kind ever weighed in 1982, tipped the scales at 295 pounds!

Many people believe that the chihuahua is the smallest dog. Even when full grown, chihuahuas may weigh less than a pound. But the Yorkshire terrier and the toy poodle are just as small. In fact, the smallest adult dog on record was a Yorkshire terrier that weighed just ten ounces!

The rarest dog on earth is the Tahl-Tan bear dog, only three are alive today!