What Are The Strongest Horses In The World?

They were a team of horses that once pulled a load of 52,000 pounds. This is the world’s record for a team of two horses, and it was set during the summer of 1979 in Hillsdale, Michigan, by a pair of Belgian draft horses.

Belgians, Percherons, and Clydesdales are breeds of draft horses descended from the war horses that carried knights into battle during the Middle Ages. The world’s heaviest horse was one that died in the late 1940’s, a giant Belgian that weighed 3,200 pounds!

With the high cost of gasoline and the cost of a big tractor at over $100,000, more American farmers are using draft horses now than they were ten years ago.

A tractor may not start up on a very cold morning, but a horse always will, and a horse can do more than that! He may give you a “hello” too.