What Is the Highest Mountain In the United States and How Tall Is Mount McKinley In Alaska?

Mount McKinley in Alaska, also called Denali, its Native American name, is the highest mountain in the United States, at 20,320 feet (6,194 m).

It’s also the highest mountain in North America.

Mount McKinley is a granitic pluton that has been uplifted by tectonic pressure, and is the centerpiece of Denali National Park and Preserve.

A gold prospector named it “McKinley” in the late 1890s as political support for then presidential candidate William McKinley of Ohio.

The next 16 highest peaks in the United States are also in Alaska.

Ranked at number 18 is Mount Whitney in California, at 14,494 feet (4,418 m).

The next three highest mountains are in Colorado: Mount Elbert, Mount Massive, and Mount Harvard.