What were the Occupations of Blacks in Chicago in 1920?

Brick and stonemasons (126)
Building or general laborers (1,835)
Carpenters (275)
Clergymen (215)
Compositors and typesetters (113)
Coopers (148)
House painters (286)
Iron and steel workers (3,201)
Janitors (1,822)
Laborers (5,300)
Laborers, porters, and helpers in stores (1,210)
Lawyers (95)
Machinists (431)
Male servants (1,942)
Musicians or music teachers (254)
Non-store clerks (1,659)
Physicians (195)
Plumbers (105)
Porters in domestic or personal service (2,139)
Railway porters (2,540)
Semi-skilled slaughter and packing house workers (1,490)
Slaughter and packing house laborers (1,242)
Tailors (371)
Waiters (2,315)

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