When Did Women Wear Ships In Their Hair?

In France at the end of the 1700s, women wore their hair in the strangest fashion you can imagine.

They wore wigs that rose two and a half to three feet above their heads. Some of the women were so tall they had to ride on the floor of their carriages in order to fit inside.

Those that didn’t like to sit on the floor stuck their heads out the window. These tall wigs were decorated with everything from toy soldiers to real fruits and flowers.

Toy carriages with hand-blown glass horses topped off certain wigs. Or you might see a group of hunters and their dogs roaming around a miniature forest.

There was even a style in which a ship under sail was attached to a group of curls that were supposed to be the waves. These fancy hairdos were done by hairdressers and were very expensive.

Only wealthy women could afford to have a head with a decoration that could make them more than eight feet tall.