When Does a Leap Year Baby Celebrate His Birthday?

A baby born on February 29, 1980 will not have another February 29th birthday until 1984, the next time a Leap Year occurs. What does he do then to celebrate his birthday in 1981, 1982, and 1983?

A Leap-Year baby can choose his own birthday from either February 28 or March 1, two dates which DO occur every year.

Every person in the world shares his or her birthday with at least 10,000,000 other people. So the next time you celebrate your birthday and your friends sing “Happy Birthday to You” 10 million other people are hearing that same song sung to them all over the world. Some might be only 1 year old, while others might be 100!

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  1. my baby girl was born feb 29/ 2008
    and we are celebrateing it on march 1
    i don’t think any should celebrate a birthday before hand

  2. But your child was born in February…Why wouldn’t you celebrate at least in the month they were born? I say this because my wife is a leap day baby..

  3. I’m a leap year baby for over 40 years, and I have always celebrated BOTH Feb 28 and March 1st. Its much more fun that way… It’s kind of boring when I actually have only one day to celebrate. I have many friends and family that are adament on one of the days, so why should I disappoint anyone. My vote, celebrate both.

  4. yes Liz is right! i’m not a leap year baby but one of my mother’s or father’s is and she celebrates it on march 1 and on feb.28 because sometimes all your reletives and friends don;t come on the same day instead they will visit on the next day and its fun you will have many gifts and you wlill be ful! Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrpppp! ups! sorry! im born in july 9, 1998 im just 11 now 2010 and who ever are you people i think liz is right!

  5. im not a leap yr baby. . . i was born feb 25 94. . but iif i was i wuld want t2 celebrate my bday iin the same month i was born iin. . . but when feb 29 does comee i wuld celebrate my birthday on that date also.

  6. im glad i found this site today my daughter was born on leap year in 2008 everyone asks me when im gonna celebrate her birthday wether its on the 28th of feb or march 1st and i say well maybe both days she how she does only get one every 4 years and people thought i was nuts and almost had me beliving i really was but now i see im not the only one thinking that its a great idea

  7. My Son was born 29th Feb 1980. I had the same questions. The simple and right answer is to celebrate the birthday on the last day of Feb. A child growing up will find it confusing to have a birthday in March only to be told it’s now in Feb and then back to March the next year.

    Get real people! Your child was born on the last day of Feb. NOT the first day of March.

  8. I’m not a leap year babe but a 2/10er who proudly celebrates the entire short month. Though the years, my month-long birthday celebration has become a fun february fiesta shared with other february birth friends & family!!! The way l figure, our birth month’s the shortest w/an extra special day every 4yrs -all worthy of celebrating!

  9. I have a leap year birthday. I have always celebrated it on the last day of February be it the 29th or 28th. It’s the last day of the month.

  10. I always make sure there is something special going on on the 29 Feb for my birthday a celebration and cake is always welcome! Any other year i celebrate the 1st March purely because it is the next day after the 28 Feb. Am really celebrating this year as i turn 10!!!!!!

  11. I was born on leap year 1988 i have celebrated my bday on the 28th i was born in feb not march thats the way i see it

  12. I was born on 1944/02/29 and celebratingn my birthday on 28 and 1st March to be sure I don’t miss the day. I am very glad to be born that day because it already gave me some advantages :-) not the big ones but I could start my retirement on March 1st. In case thare wasn’t a Feb. 29 I was born on March 1st and had to wait a month longer for my retirement, such things I mean. What a leap day can do!!

  13. I am a leapling (’72) and I love it! I have always celebrated my birthday on the 28th. I was born the last day in Feb not March. I actually feel very lucky I get to have a big celebration every 4 years – most adults only have big celebrations on milestone birthdays. It is lots of fun being a leapling! I’m going to have a 1040 EZ Party!!

  14. I’m a leap day baby :) I turn 4 (or 16) in a couple of days! And I usually celebrate it on feb 28th because that way I’m still a febuary baby and its the last day of the month :) but that way my sister can say “I didn’t forget your birthday, I just thought you celebrated it on march 1st” which is really frustrating…

  15. I’m not a Leap Day Baby but I know someone who is. She is now going to be 14 years old. I read some of these comments about what day they celebrate it. She says its her birthday on Feb. 28 but she doesnt celebrate it on Feb. 28 nor March 1st. Every F O U R Years she celebrates it with a Huqe Party. . .So she doesn’t get that “Happy Birthday to You” Sonq every year.

  16. I was born on Leap Day in 1944 and will be 17 tomorrow. I celebrate other years on February 28 to keep it in February. I can’t imagine saying my birthday’s in March.

  17. Not every person shares his/her birthday with 10 million others! That is true if you are born in the 365 days of every year, but if you are born on the 366th day of every fourth year (Feb 29), then you share your birthday with only 2.5 million people. Quite an exclusive CLUB!

  18. My granddaughter is a leap day baby and today is her 14. We usually celebrate on the 28th. But this year we are celebrating her 1st official birthday but also her 4th. So she gets 2 cakes and lots of fun

  19. I’m not a leap year child, but, if I was..would i be 4? Meaning since i was born in 1998 [i’m 13], and every four years..or so, i’d be 4?..am i correct?.. [Getting it straight, i’m a Halloween child, not a Leap Year child. I was just wondering]

  20. I’m a leap year baby I was born on the 29th February,1998.I celebrate my b-day on all two days march 1st and Feb 28th.Its much more fun,gifts are doubled and a cake on each day………..

  21. i just had a leap year baby named layla, was worried what people might think, but now after reading all those comments we will celebrate her birthday on the 28 feb and also the 1 march, happy days for layla. x

  22. i had my leap year son last year 29/2/12 and this year i will celebrate his birthday on Feb 28th.even though he wasnt born on that day still he wasnt born on march..so i will keep it
    February..these comments have really made me feel good

  23. I am a Leapling (the Germans call me Schaltjahrkind). I was born in 1964. I am currently 12, though I have lived for 48 years. I have always embraced the uniqueness of my birthday and have these few comments:

    1. When I go to the toy store, I am allowed to act my age.
    2. I have a special relationship with the space-time continuum.
    3. (THIS IS THE GOOD ONE) The 29th of February is the day after the 28th and the day before march first. On the non-leap years this qualifies both days to be used for celebratory purposes.

  24. If you check the Leap Year Baby site, just about everyone celebrates on February 28th. Although it’s the day AFTER, it is also the day BEFORE March 1st. On March 1st, most of us feel it’s over. A different month.

  25. my son is a leap year baby of 04 and I always do his march first because he was born feb. 29 not 28. so its a feb 28 evey year n he was born after that. so I feel its fair to do sooo march first after the 28

  26. For people born on February 29, celebrate on March 1 due to physics. March 1 the year before a leap year is 365 days before February 29, while March 1 the year after is 365 days from both February 29 and March 1.

  27. I’m a leap year baby born on the 29th Feb 1996, so I’m only 4 and quarter! It still annoys me to this day when people ask me why I don’t celebrate my birthday on the 28th but instead the 1st March. It’s down to fact. On the 28th I was still inside the womb and wasn’t born, but on the 1st I was, and when you think about it, the day when the 29th would be on a non-leap year is always the 1st, basic maths.

    ps. You can’t be born on a leap year day if you’re gonna turn 14 in a leap year?! You’d only be either 4, 8, 12. 16, 20, 24…etc. NOT 14!

  28. I am a leap year baby born February 29, 1944. My son is also a leap year baby born on February 29′ 1972. We were even born in the same hospital, of course 28 years apart. We try to always celebrate together on leap year birthdays. We always celebrate on Feb. 28th when it isn’t a leap year as we were born in the month of February…not March!

  29. I’m a leap year baby.
    Born on the 29th February 1980.
    Even though I have a birthday every year, it only feels like a real birthday when it falls on the 29th……..Hard to explain unless your one of us.

  30. The correct answer….a leap year baby can celebrate their birthday whenever they wish can can choose Feb 28, March 1st or both.

    I am a leap year baby of 1984 and I choose to celebrate my birthday after on march 1st. Reason? Why celebrate my brith before my actual birth. But again, to each his own.

  31. HI. My son & I also were born on 29th of Feb only 40 years apart, mine 1944 & his on 1984 both on a snow storm in two different cities & both of us the first born for each city Take care Jim Collins

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