Where Is the Lowest Place on Earth?

There are a number of places on earth where the land is below sea level.

In Death Valley, California, and around the Dead Sea in Israel, for instance. But none of these depressions, or low-lying places, can compare to a huge depression in Antarctica that is covered with thick ice.

Scientists have found that at a certain place in Antarctica, about 6,000 feet above sea level, the ice covering the land is about 14,000 feet thick.

That means that the land itself is some 8,000 feet below sea level! By comparison, the lowest place in America, Death Valley, is just 282 feet below sea level.

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4 thoughts on “Where Is the Lowest Place on Earth?”

  1. There is a place called the Marianas Trench in the Western Pacific Ocean, radars detected 6.7 miles or 35,798 feet below sea level. If Mt. Everest (29,029 ft.) were stuck inside the Marianas trench it would be 7,166 ft. under water.

  2. The lowest place on Earth, if your counting Ocean Trenches, would be Mariana’s Trench (Challenger Deep), which is about 10,911m (35,797ft) which is about 6.77 miles down. You could fit over 28 Empire State Buildings in it.

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