Which Animal Wears a Suit of Armor?

The armadillo is a small mammal whose upper body is encased in armor. In fact, armadillo means “little armored thing” in Spanish.

The armor is composed of many bony plates which overlap. These bony plates are covered with scales.

Armadillos use their armor for protection since they cannot run fast, bite hard, or fight well. If an armadillo is in danger and cannot dig a hole in the ground to burrow into, it rolls itself in a ball and tucks its head and feet in, so that every part of its body is protected by this armor.

Very few animals are then able to get a grip on the armadillo with their teeth or claws. However, the armadillo will roll into a ball only as a last resort.

The female armadillo always gives birth to four babies at a time and they are always all of the same sex!