Which Is the Largest Gland Inside Your Body?

The largest gland inside your body is your liver. It weighs from 3 to 4 pounds, and is a reddish-brown mass. The liver has to be large because of the complicated work that it does. It is almost like a miniature chemical laboratory in your body. Here how it works.

As blood enters your liver, the liver absorbs it, almost like a sponge, and detoxifies, or removes the poisons from it. Your liver cells also store the sugar. vitamins, and minerals your body needs, and returns them to your body as they are needed.

But the most important job of your liver is to take certain proteins from food and form urea out of them. This urea is then sent to your kidneys to help carry away your body wastes.

If the liver ever stops working, a person will die within 8 to 24 hours!