Which Rings Around the Planet Saturn Are the Most Prominent and What Is the Biggest Ring Around Saturn Called?

Ring B is the largest and brightest ring around Saturn.

It orbits the planet at a distance of 55,000 to 70,000 miles (88,000 to 112,000 km).

The B ring is made up of thousands of smaller concentric rings that are so close to each other, they are indistinguishable from each other when viewed from Earth.

which rings around the planet saturn are the most prominent and what is the biggest ring around saturn called scaled

B-ring ice particles are light-colored and tightly packed, making the ring seem bright and opaque.

The inner edge of the B ring is the brightest point in the ring system.

The second most obvious ring is A.

It is separated from the B ring by the Cassini division.

Similar in makeup to ring B, ring A simply has fewer particles. It is neither as bright nor as opaque, but it is made of thousands of ringlets.

Within the 8,500-mile (13,600-km) band of the A ring lies the Encke division.

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