Who gets injured more often right-handed people or southpaws?

In Europe and America, lefties make up 11 percent of the total population.

And to answer your question, left-handed people are injured more often. Because they live in a world made for people who are right-handed, some recent studies have suggested that left-handed people are born with a weakened immune system and tend to have shorter life spans.

Many lefties are suspicious, though, that this is just more propaganda from a right-handed world.

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  1. The safety on a pump shotgun comes with a standard right handed safety. Lefties who do not bother to get the correct safety or don’t know they are available may be at more risk. Either they leave the safety off more or they contort their fingers to use a right handed safety. On circular saws, the safety buttons are easily accessible for right handers, not lefties. The throttle on a motorcycle is on the right side, and could be more dangerous for newbies.

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