Who Is The Patron Saint of Canada and When Is Her Roman Catholic Feast Day?

Canada has two patron saints.

Since French Catholics were the first Europeans to settle Canada, they brought their religion and customs with them, including the assignment of patron saints.

St. Anne, the Virgin Mary’s mother, shares patronage of Canada with Mary’s husband, St. Joseph.

St. Anne is also the patron saint of housewives, cabinet makers, and all women in labour.

Her Roman Catholic feast day is July 26.

St. Joseph shares his patronage of Canada with Mexico, China, Belgium, and carpenters.

In 1870, Pope Pius IX (1792-1878) declared St. Joseph the universal patron of the church.

St. Joseph’s feast day is March 19.

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  1. Actually saint Joseph is the first patron saint of Canada (since the 17th century).
    Saint Anne is the patron saint of the province of Québec (since 1876).
    Saint John the baptist is the patron saint of french-canadians (since 1908).
    Saint Jean de Brébeuf, along with the canadian martyrs (or north american martyrs as they are knowned in the US) are all patrons saints of Canada since 1940.

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