Why Can’t Anything Escape a Black Hole, Not Even Light or Pigs In Space?

There is no known escape from a black hole.

To escape Earth, we have to travel at 25,000 miles per hour.

If we go any slower, we won’t break the planet’s gravitational pull.

When we run out of fuel, we will fall back to the ground.

Black holes are even harder to escape.

To get out of a black hole, you must go faster than the speed of light, and Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity says that is impossible.

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1 thought on “Why Can’t Anything Escape a Black Hole, Not Even Light or Pigs In Space?”

  1. While prevalent theory says nothing can escape from a black hole, Einstein would actually disagree with this. The flaw in most arguments is that, since gravity is greater than c/sec inside the black hole, you’d have to be traveling at greater than c (the speed of light) to escape.

    Thought experiment. Imagine that you are moving at a constant speed of 100 mi/hr directly from the center of a black hole. Are you exceeding the speed of light? No. However, you will have to be accelerating at better than c/sec. Einstein’s relativity theories say you cannot travel faster than the speed of light. They DO NOT say your acceleration can’t be greater than c/sec.

    In this case, the speed is only 100 mi/hr. You will eventually leave the vicinity of the black hole.

    Practically, you couldn’t possibly carry enough fuel to accelerate out of a black hole. However, there are other ways to accelerate matter.

    Consider, for example, a spinning, charged black hole, spinning so fast that there is a significant magnetic field that causes charged particles to accelerate beyond c/sec. These particles might escape from the black hole, if the field were persistent throughout the path of travel. This is one explanation for why black holes have polar streams of matter ejections.

    Most physicists have not considered this scenario because of the basic flaw in their reasoning that says “nothing can escape a black hole”.

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