Why do beans make you fart?

Yes, most beans make us gassy and fart. Blame it on the oligosaccharides, or, if you prefer, the dog.

Oligosaccharides are a special sugar found in beans and other fibrous foods like soybeans, cabbage, peas, and cauliflower.

These sugar molecules are very large and are not digested by the small intestines, so they pass on to the large intestines, where colonies of bacteria lie in wait.

These bacteria latch onto the large sugar molecules and multiply rapidly, releasing gases as they go. With no place to go but down, the gases invariably reach your colon the moment you step into an elevator or meet a blind date.

By the way, dog food contains high quantities of soybeans, which is why our pooches make a perfect excuse for our own little windy accidents.

However, a pet cow would make an even better scapegoat. Because of its grassy diet, one dairy cow can pass 312 pounds of methane gas in just one year.