Why Do Moths Like To Eat Wool and How Does Red Cedar Wood Keep Moths Away?

Some moths do eat wool and digest the fibers, especially if the wool is soiled.

They can also damage synthetics, though they get no nutrition.

However, the two main species of clothes moths, the case making moth and the webbing moth, are unjustly blamed for holes in sweaters caused by carpet beetles, which are probably more destructive than moths.

About three beetle species are known to feed on tapestries and other fabrics.

In all cases, the pests lay eggs that develop into hungry larvae. The adults do not feed on fabric.

From 2 to 4 percent of red cedar wood is made up of a natural volatile oil.

It will kill newly hatched or young larvae of clothes moths if the cedar chest or closet is tight enough to retain the oil and is kept closed; most are not.

The active ingredient in red cedar may last a few months or years before it dissipates.