Are You Right Eyed or Left Eyed?

Just as most people are right-handed or left-handed, they are also either right-eyed or left-eyed. That means that one eye is dominant, or stronger than the other. Actually, when you look at an object with both eyes open, your brain sees only the image picked up by your dominant eye.

To determine whether you are right-eyed or left-eyed, hold a pencil straight up and down at arms’ length in front of you at eye level. Keep both your eyes open and line the pencil up with a picture or shelf or clock on the wall. First close one eye, then the other.

Did you see that the pencil remained in the same position with one eye open and seemed to move to the side when your other eye was open? Whichever eye was open when the pencil lined up with the object on the wall is your dominant eye. So if the pencil lined up with your right eye open and seemed to move to the right when your left eye was open, then your right eye is dominant and you are right-eyed.