Can a Snake Kill an Elephant?

The giant king cobra is one of the deadliest creatures in the world. The adult has enormous poison sacs and its venom kills in a very short time.

The king cobra will attack even if it hasn’t been provoked. In Asia, where these snakes are found, king cobras have been known to kill huge elephants. The snake strikes the elephant at the tip of its trunk, which is very soft and tender, or on its foot, where the toenails join its skin. Death from the deadly venom usually occurs within a few hours!

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7 thoughts on “Can a Snake Kill an Elephant?”

  1. The vast majority of snakes, including King Cobras, retreat when humans are present. They do not “attack” for no reason. King Cobras are well known to hood and defend themselves, growling and showing their fangs to scare the offender away. All of this happened before they ever try to advance or strike. Hardly an attack..

  2. King Cobras do not attack! Since humans are not on their menu, they often are reluctant to strike, even when provoked. Elephants are not on their menu, either; and since they are considerably bigger than humans and can crush a King with one well-placed foot, Kings tend to give them a wide berth.

    While it may be possible for King Cobra venom to kill an elephant, it would take a perfectly placed bite, at the perfect time and under the perfect (for the snake) circumstances, to accomplish the task. The likelihood of the snake surviving the elephant’s almost inevitable counter-attack is slim and none!

  3. Have you ever heard of elephant kung-fu? Hell no! That’s ‘cuz elephants are big WUSSIES! Snakes totally kick elephant BOOT-TAHY!!!

    Word to your mother!

  4. FYI elephants overpopulate parts of Southern Africa….

    why?? because they are in fact KUNG-FU masters!!! snakes and dung beetles do not stang a chance..yes thats right..dung beetles!!

    the deaths of snakes and dungbeetles may be seen as a tragedy… however dont waste ur tears, there is no piont, no species can compete with NINJA elephants!!

    obviously. its just common sense.

  5. If it bit the elephant, the elephant would die in like three hours. Plenty of time to crush the cobra.

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