Can The Hammerhead Shark Get A Sun Tan?

The Hammerhead shark is indeed one of the few animals that can get a tan from being in the sun. Tanning occurs when Hammerheads swim close to the water surface for long periods.

During mating season, the Hammerhead shark, with its unique extended head, joins other members of its species in an unusual, silent parade. While in this procession, they eat nothing and will not even attack an enemy.

Although they have a reputation as man-eaters, while involved in this “mating game” they will not even defend themselves against an intruding human diver.

For many centuries, people were so terrified of sharks that they did not learn about them. That is changing fast, and we have learned many fascinating things about sharks. The hammerhead, for instance, is a fish that doesn’t lay eggs. Its babies are born live within the body of the mother in the same way human babies are born.

The gray reef shark stakes out a territory and will attack to defend it, but trained divers have hand-fed these “killers”.

Nurse sharks, which grow to between three and four feet in length, are kept as pets in Polynesian pools, and small children ride and play with them.