Do Vultures Eat Humans?

Vultures are big birds and are primarily scavengers that live on the remains of dead animals, vultures are extremely valuable because they clean the land and keep it free from disease.

When soaring high in the sky, vultures may be identified by the way they hold their large wings in a deep “V” shape. They are not hawks, although they are part of the same family of birds.

Because their legs and feet are extremely weak, they cannot seize and carry prey, hence their scavenger habits. The food they seek cannot fight back, and thus they have no need of the sharp hook in the beak that is used for tearing at live prey.

Vultures can soar for hours without one beat of their wings, and when they find food, it is as much because of their fine sense of smell as their sharp eyes. These unique birds do not bother to build nests, they just lay their eggs under a log or in a small cave.

Vultures would probably eat a human only if it was dead as Vultures seldom attack healthy animals.