Do You Need Tennis Clothes? How They Can Help In Amateur Gaming

Have you ever tried to play tennis while wearing a T-shirt and jogging bottoms? If you have, chances are that it didn’t work out too well!

Whether you are playing semi-professionally or you are playing on your local court, the right attire can and will make all of the difference. There is no point in trying to play tennis if you feel uncomfortable, so here, you will be walked through why the right tennis gear can help set you up for a great game. 


Surprised at how much you sweat when playing tennis?

It’s a tough sport, as it requires constant movement and bursts of running just to hit the ball. Tennis clothes for women are designed to be breathable, and moisture wicking, to ensure that, no matter how intense the game is, you won’t come away with a rash. Indeed, many of the higher brands of tennis clothes have pockets, where air can travel through with ease, to help regulate body temperature. 


There is a tonne of movement when you are playing tennis, and, as such, you don’t want your clothes to tear. This is where an outfit designed for the game of tennis is helpful. Compared to the aforementioned t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, tennis clothes can provide you with unrestricted movement, as they are made with flexible materials. This will help you get in all the shots you need without compromising the functionality of your wardrobe. Great!


There are fewer things more frustrating in life than spending a lot of time and effort looking into the perfect clothing option, only to have it tear the first time you wear it. 

Clothes that are designed for tennis players are ergonomically designed to withstand the rigors and movements that come with the game, and provide a long-lasting performance. This is due to the base materials being stretchy, and also able to withstand frictions. Tennis clothes are also full of reinforced seams and high-quality stitches, which will ensure that if you spend a fortune on your tennis outfit, it will last a long time!

Sun Protection

There are few, if any, tennis courts that are based inside. 

Ergo, when you are frantically whacking the ball back and forth on the court, it is all too easy to forget about the sun.

This exposes tennis players to harmful UV rays, and to help protect against this, tennis clothes incorporate sun-protecting features, such as ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF. You should always check the rating on tennis clothing in relation to UPF, as these will display how much protection the clothing will give you. The scale starts at 15-20, which is ideal for lower levels of sun. Higher UPF ratings, such as 50+, are perfect for days when the sun is high in the sky and could cause sunburn through clothing.

Moisture Management

Lastly, many people are surprised at how much they sweat when they play tennis. So, when choosing tennis clothes, you will need to ensure that the material that the clothes are made from is moisture-wicking. If you are unsure, check the labels. The perfect tennis clothing combination would be a mixture of polyester and spandex, which repel sweat.