How did the Small Marsupial Bandicoot get its Name, What does it Mean, and Where does it Come From?

A bandicoot is a species of small marsupial omnivores that look very much like rats.

bandicoot in the grass at night

The word bandicoot is an anglicised form of the Telugu word pandi-kokku, which means pig-rat, and originally referred to the unrelated Indian Bandicoot Rat.

There are twenty-one different species of bandicoots which live in Australia and New Guinea, including the pig-footed bandicoot, the rabbit bandicoot, which is endangered, and the Ceram Island long-nosed bandicoot, which is thought to be extinct.

The embryos of bandicoots, unlike other marsupials, form a placenta-like organ

Too bad real bandicoots don’t come with multiple lives and a replay button.