How do I make my own temporary tattoo at home?

For a temporary drawing, you can use a marker or henna, of course.

But it’s even cooler to use a Polaroid picture, and it’s an interesting, photo-realistic alternative to gumball-machine tattoos.

Here’s how you do it:

Using a Polaroid camera, take a picture of whatever image you’d like to useĀ—it could be of yourself, your significant other, or something more fanciful and artistic like a bowl of fruit, or the kitchen sink. As the picture shows up, press it against your arm.

The developer dye is still wet and will transfer onto your skin.

You can play with these prints in other ways as well.

Smear the dye around with a pencil to make abstract art, or take a picture of a friend and, with light strokes, change your friends’ hair or clothes, or create a “touched up” look as if the image had been painted.