How does a Camel Keep Sand Out of its Eyes with Three Eyelids and Long Eyelashes?

The camel eye is very well adapted for its desert existence.

camel head

Camels have three eyelids.

The upper eyelid and lower eyelid each have eyelashes, and the third eyelid is thin, transparent and moves from side to side like a windshield wiper.

During sandstorms, camels often keep their third eyelids closed and can still see where they’re going.

Camels have a double set of eyelashes to keep the sand out and its inner eyelid can wash away any stray grains.

Its eyebrow protrudes over the eyeball, shading it from the glaring sun.

All of these things combined give the camel eye a large, gentle look that makes its cutesy face look rather charming.