How Does the Universe Expand and How Can We Observe the Universe Expanding?

Unfortunately, we can’t get outside the universe to see what it looks like as it expands, but we can imagine it.

If you took a balloon and marked it with dots and then blew up the balloon, the dots would expand along with the balloon’s surface.

As the balloon grew larger, the dots would move away from each other, just as the galaxies do in our universe.

Keep in mind that even though it is widely believed that the universe is still expanding, many astronomers now believe that one day it might all collapse on us.

Nobody knows when, nobody really knows how, and we’re pretty far from figuring out why.

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1 thought on “How Does the Universe Expand and How Can We Observe the Universe Expanding?”

  1. 1. the universe is expanding.
    the problem is within the law of physics. the universe has been expanding at an EVER INCREASING RATE OF SPEED for more than 14 Billion years…or, rather than slowing down after the so-called ‘big bang’ as is demanded by the law of physics, the known components of our universe still speed away from one another, faster and faster.
    2. the balloon analogy is flawed. the dots used as the galaxies drawn on the empty sphere expand in DIRECT ratio to the empty spaces on the same sphere. this FACT works if all matter remains static relative to the surface, however, in our universe, these spaces become larger while the galaxies cruising through it expand at a much slower rate.

    human knowledge needs inclusion of fantasy for closer reality….i.e. a puff of smoke [miniscule particulate matter as galaxies], arising from nowhere, disbursed by an increasingly powerful wind pushing outward from the middle of the puff, into an ever-expanding container, forever. all of this while gravity runs rampant.
    because the future is unknown, the use of ‘forever’ is the only fantasy. the remainder is an EXACT replica of what is happening in the reality of our universe..

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