How many Gods did the Maya have and what were their names?

The Maya had 4 Gods that they worshiped.

Itzamna: The lord of the heavens and the god of learning and writing. ltzamna was often depicted in Maya art as a two-headed serpent.

Ix Chel: The wife of Itzamna and the goddess of medicine and childbirth. All other gods were the children of lx Chel and ltzamna.

how many gods did the maya have and what were their names

Chacs: The gods of rain. Chacs were especially revered by farmers, whose crops would flourish only if they stayed in the Chacs’ good graces.

Kinich Ahau: The god of the sun from when it rose to when it set. After setting, the sun was thought to travel into a world of darkness where it was ruled by the Jaguar god.

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