How Warm Does Greenland Get In the Summer and What Is the Warmest Place In Greenland?

The average annual temperatures of Nuuk, Greenland ranges from about -9 to 7 °C (15.8 to 44.6 °F).

In summer, the coastal regions of Greenland experience temperatures similar to the islands in the Canadian Archipelago, ranging from −12 °C to 0 °C (10 °F and 32 °F).

The Greenland Ice Sheet covers about 80% of Greenland, and much of the ice sheet remains below freezing all year, and it has the coldest climate of any part of the Arctic.

how warm does greenland get in the summer and what is the warmest place in greenland

The warmest place in Greenland is along the southwestern coast, location of the capital city, Godthab.

In July, high temperatures average about 50°F (10°C).

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