If a Group of Lions is Called a Pride, What is a Group of Tigers Called and Why?

There is no name for a group of tigers, because groups of tigers don’t really exist in the wild or in captivity.

tigers are solitary animals

The relationships between tiger individuals can be quite complex, and there aren’t any set rules that tigers follow with regards to territorial rights.

Although tigers avoid each other for the most part, both male and female tigers have been observed sharing kills, in contrast with lions, which tend to squabble and fight over meals.

Tigers don’t mingle in groups, they’re solitary creatures.

Even the males and females don’t get together except to mate briefly and then move on.

Not that tigers are necessarily hostile to each other if they meet at a waterhole or over a carcass.

Two tigers meeting on their nightly rounds may even stop and rub heads against each other in the sort of air-kiss greeting that housecats do.

But then they go their separate ways.