Is there a phrase or rhyme to help remember the numbers of pi?

There are several mnemonic ways to memorize pi.

Most involve remembering a sentence or rhyme and counting the letters within each word.

For example, count the letters of each word of the following phrase: “May I have a large container of coffee? Thank you.” “May” has three letters, “I” has one, “have” has four letters, and so on. Put them side by side, add a decimal point after the first digit, and eventually you’ll get 3.141592653, or pi to ten digits.

Better still is to memorize a rhyme that will get you 31 digits, which is many more than you’ll ever need to get an accurate calculation for most purposes. Here’s an old one by “Anonymous”:

Now I will a rhyme construct,

By chosen words the young instruct,

Cunningly devised endeavors,

See it and remember ever

Widths in circle here you see Sketched out in strange obscurity.

We’d be remiss to not mention that National Pi Day is officially held on— you guessed it—, March 14, at 1:59 (you know, 3/14 1:59).