Is There Really a Summer Camp for Dogs?

If people have summer camps, why shouldn’t dogs? As a matter of fact, they do.

And lots of dogs get a chance to go there if their owners can afford it. Of course, their owners have to know that there is such a place as a dog’s
summer camp.

Camp Lindo is located in Margaretville, New York, and is run by dog lover Ron de Strolle. Camp Lindo has just about anything a dog could want. There is swimming, treasure hunts for hidden dog biscuits, and campfires where dogs sit around and the counselors sing songs and play guitars. Sometimes the dogs join in for a song or two.

The lucky animals are allowed to do just about whatever they please, and they are fed whatever they like best. Some eat only barbecued chicken, but others prefer breakfast cereal and milk. It’s up to the owner and the dog to decide what the dog will eat.

Letters are regularly sent home to the owners to tell them how their dogs are, and each note is signed with the dog’s paw print.